Timi Kaha Lyrics – Alex Dware (In the stdio)

Timi Kaha Lyrics

Timi Kaha Lyrics in Nepali Song is performed, written and composed by Alex Dware. The song is all about the emotion how I feel for you.

Timi Kaha Lyrics

Timi kahan gayau
Malai chodii yaha eklai
Timro yaad maa ma ta
Basi rahe chhu yaha eklai

Ma khojchu timlai yaha tyha waha
Chhaadi gayau timle malai yaha
Bhuli gayau kasam timro sabai
Samjhi basi raheko chhu ma aaja
Yahi moda maa

Meraa saaraa maya dine chhu timlai
Saaraa khusi dine chhu timlai
sansar rai tyagi
Aaune chhu timrai laagi ma
Aai deuna mera mann ka bhaawana
lai bujhi deuna

Timi kahan gayau
Malai chodii yaha eklai

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