Maya Lyrics – Ashutosh Kc

Maya Lyrics (माया) Ashutosh Kc Maya Lyrics in Nepali Song is performed, written and composed by Ashutosh Kc. The song is produced by Foeseal.This song is about the love and he express his emotion through song. Maya Info Song : Maya Artist : Ashutosh Kc Music Label : Ashutosh Kc Language : Nepali Released Date … Read more

Maya Lyrics – Mantra Band

Maya Lyrics in Nepali Song is performed and composed by Mantra Band. Featuring Alisha Chettri and Ajaya Limbu. Maya Song Info Recorded at : Angels Productions DarjeelingMixed and Mastered by : JACOB P’NLOOKVideo by : Arvind Raj ProductionsDirected by : Sikher Chettri and Praggya Lama Maya Lyrics Kina kina timi sochdaYo sansaar rang gin lagchhaKina … Read more

Maya Lyrics – Ayush Gauchan

Maya Lyrics Ayush Gauchan Maya  Lyrics in Nepali song is performed by Ayush Gauchan. The song is written and composed by Adhar Sherchan and Ayush Gauchan. The music is produced by Snjv and Storenutter. Featuring Yangee Sherpa and Yours Truly. Maya Song Info Song : Maya Artist : Ayush Gauchan Music Label : Ayush Gauchan … Read more