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Sindicate Lyrics

Syndicate Lyrics in Nepali Song is Performed, Written, Composition and Arrangement by Bipul Chettri.The Song is recording, mixing and mastering by Anindo Bose.This song is all about the two ordinary people sharing a public space and the individual fantasy wordls we sometimes enjoy ourselves to be in.

Syndicate Lyrics

Bhet bhayo aja hami
Syndicate ko maajh hami
Ubhiyechhu timro bagal maa
Busy timi mobile maa herechhu
kheleko yowana

Naama timro thaha chhaina
Tara malai parwa chhaina
Boli kehi rahechhau hai
Aankha le kehi bhanirahechhau hai
Bolu ta k bhanera
Sara pani lagcha sochera

Timi jaane silaguri, ma jane sikkima tira

Khushi chhu hai timrai majha
Bhule saara sansar aaja
Timi pani ma sangai nai
Janey bhaye kati ramailo
Hune thiyo bhanna ta

Kasto yo milan hamro
20 minute ko sambandha hamro
Paayera pani napaye jasto
Chinera pani, na chine jasto
Jindagi yastai nai ho ra
Aafnai bato ta, janu chhadai chha ra

Timi jaane silaguri, ma jane sikkima tira

Malai nai hereko jhai lagchha ghari ghari
Here lagchha ghari ghari
Farki herchhu ma pani aasha sari
Hmm… asha sari,
Manama sochdai, ma ramaunda chhu
Manama sochdai, ma ramaunda chhu
Timi sangai bhayeko kalpana garchhu
Kalpana garchhu

Kasto dharke pani paryo
Bhijera ma chura bhaye
Timi sangai oota lagi
Afno gadi parkhi rahe
Bhijechhu, aja ma rahar le

Sabai gaadi chadna thalyo
Kamandar ko horn suni
Kalimpong to siligudi
Bhana timi kasto nisthuri

Chadera gayo kata tira
Chhadi rakhyou, malai yetai tira
Hmm…, Timi jaane silaguri, ma jane sikkima tira
Timi jaane silaguri, ma jane sikkima tira
Timi jaane silaguri, ma jane sikkima tira

[End The Lyrics]

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Lets some QNA

who is the singer of Syndicate Song ?
Bipul Chettri is the Singer of Syndicate Song.
Who is writer and composer, Written, Composition and Arrangement of Syndicate Song ?
Bipul Chettri
Do you know from which YouTube channel it was released?
-Yes, This is his own channel Bipul Chettri.

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