Suna Lyrics – Pratik Gurung

Suna Lyrics – Pratik Gurung

Suna Lyrics in Nepali Song is performed by Pratik Gurung. The song is written by Puran Gurung and composed by Bikash Rana, Pratik Gurung. This song is recorded, mixed and mastered at PULSE RECORDING STUDIO, Pokhara.

Suna Song Info

[icon name=”play” prefix=”fas”] Song :Suna
[icon name=”person-breastfeeding” prefix=”fas”] Artist :Pratik Gurung
[icon name=”tag” prefix=”fas”] Music Label :
Patrick Gurung
[icon name=”language” prefix=”fas”] Language :Nepali
[icon name=”calendar-days” prefix=”fas”] Released Date :Jan 28, 2018
[icon name=”clock-rotate-left” prefix=”fas”] Time Duration :3 min 18 sec

Suna Lyrics

– Pratik Gurung

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