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Ranga Lyrics


Ranga Lyrics

Ranga Lyrics in Nepali Song is performed, arranged, music and mixed by Rockheads. The song is written and composition by Swapmil Sharma. Rockdheads Nepal Band members :-

Vocal / Bass : Sanjay Aryal
Drums / Percussion : Samyak Lama
Guitar/ Mix : Arun Tandukar
Keyword / Synth : Dawa Sherpa

Ranga Info

Song : Ranga
Artist : Rockheads
Music Label : Rockheads Nepal
Genres : Pop Music
Language : Nepali
Release Date : 22 June, 2021

Ranga Lyrics

Timro aankha maa dubi sakechhu
Malai nikalna na khoja
Mero geeta bhaka banechhau
Malai matai timi gaaideuna
Jiwan bhari kaa lagi
Samjana bani dinu
Ma haansi diula sadhai
Timi hanso maa rang thapi aaunu hai

Badal banerai aaye ni hunchha
Ghaam banerai chhaye pani
Sabda banerai base ni hunchha
Laya banerai gaaye pani
Man ko kuna maa kina
Purai mana maa basidinu
Ma haansi diula sadhai
Timi haanso maa rang thapi aaunu hai

Jiwan bhari kaa lagi
Samjhana bani dinu
Ma haansi diulaa sadhai
Timi hanso maa rang thapi aaunu hai

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