Maya Mutu Vari Lyrics – Akash Khadka

Maya Mutu Vari Lyrics

Maya Mutu Vari Lyrics (माया मुटु भरि)

– Akash Khadka

Maya Mutu Vari Lyrics in Nepali Song is performed, written and composed by Akash Khadka. This is a song which describes the feeling of a broken people. A lot of things are there but except silence nothing can be shared.

Maya Mutu Vari Song Info

[icon name=”Song :Kahani Suno 2.0
[icon name=”person-breastfeeding” prefix=”fas”] Artist :Khaifi Khalil
[icon name=”tag” prefix=”fas”] Music Label :
Khaifi Khalil
[icon name=”language” prefix=”fas”] Language :Hindi
[icon name=”calendar-days” prefix=”fas”] Released Date :
[icon name=”clock-rotate-left” prefix=”fas”] Time Duration : 2 min 53 sec

Maya Mutu Vari Lyrics (माया मुटु भरि )

Akash Khadka

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Maya Mutu Vari Song Video

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