Komalta Lyrics – Akash Khadka

Komalta Lyrics

Komalta Lyrics

Akash Khadka

Komalta Lyrics in Nepali Song is performed by Akash Khadka. The song is written and composed by Nilam Baral.

Ek Bhanda Dui Info

Song : Komalta
Artist : Akash Khadka
Music Label : Akash Khadk
Genres : Pop Music
Language : Nepali
Release Date : 30 July, 2021

Komalta Lyrics

Akash Khadka

Komaltama ke hora phool
Sundarta ko hau timi mola
Malai taha chha hera
Dharti aakash tadha ho
Timi joona hau
Mata harayeko tara ho

Ishara mero bujhideu
Maya le ek pherata
Herideu, malai malai

End The Lyrics

Komalta Music Video


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