Iraaday Lyrics – Abdul Hannan

 Iraaday Lyrics

 Iraaday Lyrics

– Abdul Hannan & Rovalio 

 Iraaday Lyrics in Hindi Song is performed and written by Abdul Hannan. The song is mixed, mastered and produced by Rovalio.

 Iraaday Song Info

Song : Iraaday
Singer :Abdul Hannan
Music Label :Abdul Hannan
Language :Hindi
Released Date :March 18, 2022
Duration :2 min 13 sec

 Iraaday Lyrics

“Abdul Hannan & Rovalio “

Kaise kahu mai tumsa koi
Koi na hai
Mai tere aas paas rahu
Dil veeraan hai
Jazbaat mere sabhi
Tu hi jaane
Jitna bhi dekhu
Dil bhar na paaye

Kaisa sama hai
Hum tum yahan hain
Zaahir karu kya hain jo
Mere iraaday
Tere hawaale mai
Kisi bahaane
Zaahir karu kya hain jo
Mere iraaday
Mere, mere iraaday

Aesay yun gungunaata rahu
Tere liye mai
Chaahun ke mujh tak rahein
Teri nigaahein
Kaise mai kahu
Kaise mai ye kahu
Asar jo tera mere
Dil pe huwa hai

Kaisa sama hai
Hum tum yahan hain
Dil ki pukaar toh
Sun le na
Tere hawaale mai
Kisi bahaane
Zaahir karu kya hain jo
Mere iraaday
Mere, mere, mere iraaday

End The Lyrics

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